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At Colosimo Lawn Care we have been specializing in trimming and pruning for over 40 years and have been noted as the go-to service for all landscaping and lawn care needs in the area. trimming and pruning have become one of our specialties as it takes significant experience to trim shrubs and bushes and trees properly. However, no need to worry as our professionals have been doing this for over 40 years and have all the experience necessary to complete your job in an effective and efficient manner.

Benefits of Trimming and Pruning 

While there are numerous benefits to trimming shrubs and pruning bushes the two most popular benefits are that of the health of the plant itself and the increased beauty of the appearance of the plant. Properly trimming your plants can help extend the plant’s life by up to 20 years. This is significant because with the rising prices of plants, it makes the return on your investment much much better. Furthermore, everyone knows how good a freshly trimmed hedge or shrub can look and how much it can add to the aesthetic of your front yard or landscape.

Overall, it is extremely important to take good care of your bushes and shrubs and the best way to do this is to have the regularly trimmed and pruned and Colosimo Lawn Care is the place to turn for this. Contact us today for a quote or fill out the form below. We are more than happy to help tackle any job you might have!

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